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Safe, secure, and efficient ground handling for your flight operations.


Our comprehensive ground handling services encompass all requirements concerning landing and take-off, ramp handling and customer service functions. With cost-efficient ground handling solutions and services, we support all airport and aircraft documents globally for commercial and business flight operations. Our unrivaled crew service serves all flight categories from freight, to government envoys, medevac, passenger, scheduled, and VIP flights. Being a partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), our ground handling services adhere to the most recent international standards.

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Aircraft Handling

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Passenger & Crew Handling

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Aircraft Security

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Aircraft Parking & Hangarage

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Customs & Immigration

Airplane Fueling


Our global network of contractual aircraft fuel suppliers ensures a consistent supply of high-quality jet fuel, even in the most remote locations. We assure quality performance through meticulous compliance with current standards and regulations and are committed to meticulous fuel handling procedures and quality control in all of our fuel operations.

Inflight Gourmet food platter


Whether it is a short-haul or a long-haul flight, inflight catering service is a vital part of a flight plan. AeroControl Group provides inflight catering service to meet the requirements of our clients without compromising the highest quality of food safety. As part of our effort to provide the best possible range of inflight dining options, we collaborate with the best in-flight catering providers and airline catering companies around the world.

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